What makes property value go up?

What makes property value go up?

By Thomas Brown Estates published on 10/08/17

Investing in your home is a sure recipe for success, especially if you want to sell it soon. Experts agree that capitalising on the value of property is possible, as long as you pay attention to what is good to improve and what not to touch.

A lot of projects have been tested over the years and established as recipes for success. Sometimes it is as simple as hiring the right cleaning company; and sometimes it is going through several renovation projects that bring the big money to you. Here are few universal rules that will get you a long way, regardless if you want to sell your home now or in the future:

  • Makeover the kitchen – the kitchen is likely the first place a prospective buyer will inspect. As it is the most visited place of the entire home, you can expect solid interest to come from a good looking and modern kitchen. Implement a contemporary look and a design that is easy on all kitchen cleaning needs. Decide if the place needs structural changes and unit changes. Invest in superb quality worktops, as well as cabinet handles and doors, as those are things that people notice the most.
  • Revamp the bathroom – not having a good-looking, hygienic bathroom can be a real turn-off for buyers. Invest in a vanity that recesses into the wall, as it is a real-space saving hit. Check out the tub and sink for cracks and replace them if necessary. Proper lighting goes a long way in revealing the beauty of the place, so make sure you have that. Upgrading this room in such a way to allow easy bathroom cleaning is a real hit that can get you the big bucks.
  • Introduce more storage space – free space is a precious resource that tends to disappear quickly. That is why people are rather hyped about any extra storage solutions that your home has, such as: hidden nooks in your corridors, understairs space, attic space that can be upgraded, space under the kitchen sink that can be utilised for more than just storing cleaning solutions. The more you utilise, the better impression you will make on the buyers.
  • Invest in curb appeal – ensuring that your home has gone through proper domestic cleaning is one thing, but investing in curb appeal is something completely different. First impressions are secured by checking out the exterior of a property and that is where patio and gutter cleaning come into play. Additionally, if you have a garden, make sure it is well-maintained and properly looked after, as that has the potential to turn negotiations in your favour.
  • Create a parking space – with the traffic getting more and more congested, buyers are starting to value off-street parking options a lot. If you have the chance, implement one or two parking spaces in front or alongside of your property. For a lot of people that is a must, especially for urban areas with parking restrictions. You will add significant value to your property when you have the parking secured.

It is definitely worth it to go through your home and implement all of these projects. Its value is sure to go up by a lot!
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