Preparing Your Property For Selling

Preparing Your Property For Selling

By Thomas Brown Estates published on 14/02/18

Preparing your home for a sale may be difficult and stressful especially when you have little or no time. A lot of people who wish to sell their homes are unwilling to spend more money in replacing those outdated kitchen cabinets and grungy bathroom tiles.

However, to get the best return on your investment and avoid turning off potential buyers, you must ensure that your home looks its best when it hits the market. 

Imagine yourself as a potential buyer of your own property. What would impress you about your own property – and what would put you off?

Make the exterior look inviting

Your home’s exterior forms the basis for a seller’s first impression. Work on the garden and the landscape and ensure your home’s entrance is inviting. Remove any dead plants, trim overgrown bushes and trees, and the bins are nice and tidy. Make sure that the front door is clean and the windows are clean, an inviting doormat is also a nice welcoming addition.


This is always number one on our list of things to do when selling your home! A bit of elbow grease now could add thousands to the value of your home. Decluttering allows buyers to view the property without off-putting distractions thus allowing them more easily to imagine themselves living there. Vacuum the carpets and dust every room.

Keep pets under control

Some buyers will be nervous of animals and this could have an adverse affect on their impression of your property. If possible have someone sit the pets while you have viewings

Create a homely feel

Open curtains, turn on table lamps and soft lighting, put the heating on if it’s cold outside, make your property feel ‘homely’ and lived in.

Make any necessary repairs

Ensure you put your home in the best condition by making all minor repairs such as sticky doors, replace missing or blown light bulbs, leaking taps etc

Access all areas

If you have a garage make sure there is access – your potential buyer will need to see the space when they are contemplating putting their car away or using the space for storage. The same goes for garden sheds if they are staying make them accessible and access into roof and loft spaces.

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